Smell n Smile: Home air Freshener AC Home


  • Dimensions: 135 * 133 * 357 mm
  • Device weight: 4 kg
  • Voltage: 12V DC
  • Power: 7 watts
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Item specifications


Works intermittently to save energy and to protect the environment.

The touch screen is beautiful and contemporary.

It is equipped with a vapour and fragrance density regulator with the possibility of an electronic operation.

It works according to the quality standards of nanotechnology production in the production of fine fragrance particles within steam.

Enjoy the freedom of movement.

Works with special fragrances from Smell & Smile to get the best results.


How to use


It has a timer program that allows you to control the memory of the device and can adjust it frequently, making the operating science of the simplest.

With a timer program, where the pump automatically stops working according to your settings, while reducing the consumption of the solution.

Operates by constant electromagnetic oscillations with periodic movement, which reduces the friction of the engine and thus leads to very low sound during work.

It works efficiently and is very suitable for shops, mosques, homes, offices, education centres, homes and restaurants

Certified and licensed by accredited international bodies


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