Oud Malaki Aroma Blend

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Oud Malaki includes a   unique aromatic formula that combines luxury and sophistication with freshness and vitality. It starts with the scent of grapefruit and lavender, with a slight hint of wormwood, for a scent that gives you freshness and vitality

Then the heart of the fragrance surprises you with a hint of hot spices with the smell of tobacco and notes of leather to make the scent exceptional and unparalleled

As for the base of the fragrance here, the fragrant amber smells in harmony with the oud and the black oud to create an atmosphere of beauty and attractiveness

Aromatic creativity and a masterpiece with a distinctive scent, suitable for use in halls, halls and mosques

 :the components

  • Top notes: grapefruit, lavender fragrant, and wormwood.
  • Middle notes: spicy spices, tobacco, and leather.
  • Base notes: amber, oud, black oud.


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Smell & Smile is a luxury brand in the Middle East of Nature Perfumes Trading Company, a leading company in the field of perfumes and perfumery products for more than 20 years. It provides a range of high-quality and advanced perfume and air freshener devices in the world.


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