Night Shift Aroma Blend

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Night Shift Perfume Lotion

Night Shift perfume solution, an aromatic masterpiece and a harmonious blend of the most beautiful scents rich in natural ingredients with   woody notes of cedar wood with grapefruit extract for an exceptional scent and a delicate touch of rosemary

All the way to a magical bouquet of fragrant tuberose with aromatic notes of ylang-ylang oil   to take you to another world of warmth and calm

Finally, the final touch is crowned   with the fragrance of the charming vetiver and the distinctive scent of iodine with cedar wood and leather notes, giving the atmosphere a special fragrant and enchanting fragrance that touches the passion of the heart and affects the souls

A charming aroma suitable for use in homes, halls and halls

:the components

  • Top notes: cedarwood, grapefruit, rosemary.
  • Middle notes: ylang-ylang oil.
  • Base notes: vetiver, iodine, cedarwood, leather.


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Smell & Smile is a luxury brand in the Middle East of Nature Perfumes Trading Company, a leading company in the field of perfumes and perfumery products for more than 20 years. It provides a range of high-quality and most advanced perfume and air freshener devices in the world.


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