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Who we are

We’re a supplies and trading company specializing in sanitization and protective products guaranteed to keep you, your business, your home, and others safe.

New Products

New package design!

Zipped, locked, and ready to go!

i-care proudly presents its brand new zip lock bag packages! guaranteed to keep your orders delivered safely and in the best condition possible. in addition, thanks to it’s design it’s light, easily portable, and easy to store! therefore, this brand new design saves money and the enviroment as it reduces waste!

The Future of Overgloves!


The jet dispenser is the ultimate advancement to customer satisfaction and safety! With a sleek and compact design, and an advanced technology, the jet dispenser inflates the glove so you can slip your hand right in boom! You got it on in under a second!

Gone are the day where you have to spend time trying to put it on. who has time for that? furthermore, it reduces waste as it eliminates the chances of it tearing and having to throw it away to get a new one. But inflating the glove to make space for your hand, it makes putting the gloves on significantly easier!

Featured Products

Safe N’ Sound

A lot of people find it hard to find affordable protective equipment and sanitizers to keep themselves safe. However, we plan to change that! We provide high-quality protection for a good price so you can stay safe and not be burdened by expenses!

Bringing you safety, In Style.

we proudly present our brand new design to our packaging!

Aromic Technology

Smell n Smile

Made by smell n smile and brought to you by I-care; The smell n smile technology is capable of improving the smell of the area significantly. now you don’t have to worry about buying a bunch of air fresheners cans and having to spray it around to get rid of unpleasant smells. Smell and smile tech solves all of that and gets rid of all your worries so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy a pleasant aroma.

We offer a large variety of devices, suited for all your needs; from improving the aroma of an entire building to just the interior of your car; whatever you need, we got it!

Why Choose us

Made with care

All of our Products are made with the finest materials, and we ensure that our products are of the best quality to keep our Clients safe and satisfied.

Full Support

We provide 24/7 support, ensuring that our clients’ varied needs are met, and they experience the best services we provide.

A Trusted source

We’re an ISO Certified Company. Therefore, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the best services and products that meet international standards.

The ultimate solution!

The AutoGlove

Say hello to the future of sanitization; Autoglove is the latest Technological advancement in keeping everyone safe!

The autoglove’s advanced technology helps employees to put on the gloves with great ease compared to the traditional method of putting on a glove; all that one has to do is slip their hands into the gloves, and boom! Its slips right on with ease. Furthermore, it reduces waste by 70%! Finally, it eliminates the need to dispose of the glove as the employee can put their hands back into the machine, and the device cleans it out with no problem!

In life, we care.

At I-Care; our number one priority is your health and safety. Therefore we make sure that you receive nothing but the best protection and sanitizers at an affordable price to make it accessible for everyone in need! because we believe that everyone deserves to be healthy and safe.

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Keep your hands clean!

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100% Organic

All our products are made with natural ingredients ensuring that it is safe for you to use with no worry

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